Tuesday, March 8, 2011

still down with the sickness...

Braden is better. Thank goodness, his fever stopped shortly after I posted last. I, however, got worse and spent the entire day yesterday in bed (when I wasn't vomiting).
Which was alot. Like multiple times an hour alot.

Thanks for the encouraging words I always receive here.
And shame on you to those of you who just can't find it in you to be kind.
It's a sad day when just because we think differently about certain issues, you have to come here and leave comments about things that not only don't affect me, but are comical.

Because truly, do you believe that if everyone got a flu shot no one would ever get the flu?
Do you think children who have been vaccinated for chicken pox have never gotten them?
If you think these things you're living in a world other than this one because it's just not true.
And it's pathetic to come here and make a smart alec comment to someone just because you believe you're right and I'm wrong.

We all think differently, don't we?
We should be able to talk about it, debate about it and learn from one another without being spiteful and mean.

Oh, and the Dr. bills are not much (I'm certain we can handle them)
but thanks for your concern.

Prayers for our home are still needed and appreciated.
We love you all.
[even if you're specific comment was ridiculous.]
God bless you anyway.
I mean that.


Anonymous said...

Ramee. My kids have gotten vaccines. But i refuse to get the flu shot for me or them. And they have had 1 cold this "flu season".

Anonymous said...

Ramee. My kids have gotten vaccines. But i refuse to get the flu shot for me or them. And they have had 1 cold this "flu season".

brandy said...

Praying for you all! <3 And AMEN about the vaccination part. How rude of someone to comment especially when you aren't feeling well..last thing you feel like debating..

Tiffany said...

Aw, Rame, I love you. Ignore and love. I think you are doing both beautifully.
Praying you return to health soon. This has been a terrible flu season. So many around here are battling it and are very, very ill. I wish I lived closer and could bring over a meal.

Jessica Kramasz said...

I am a fellow non-vaccinator. That's our decision for our family because we have done much research and feel it's what is safest for our family. But I still love my vaccinating friends. I understand why they vaccinate and don't judge them for it.
How sad that people would do that to you.
Ignore them.
I hope everyone feels better soon.

Tiffany said...

Many prayers that you guys feel better soon!!!!

Kristi said...

Prayers for your beautiful family. And don't you just want to tell the rude comment person to click on that little x on the top right of their computer screen. We do vaccinate our kids but as their parent, it's your right to decide what is right for your family. Kinda like when people ask me why we adopted from China when kids in the US need families too.

Tiffany said...

P.S. The perfect example of what a "bitchy mom" is (I blogged about them a few days ago)...We should support one another, not put each other down!

Esther said...

We got the flu shot this year, and it's been our worst winter for sickness EVER. We've had everything from Influenza A (at Christmas, fun) to Strep (all three kids at home right now, more fun) this winter. Flu shots? Meh. Don't think they really matter. Hope you're all well soon!

Rieses in Pieces said...

geez! if you have the stomach flu there isn't even a vaccine for that! wish i had seen the comment you are referring to. i'm a big vaccinating fan ... for a good reason. the flu can kill a cancer patient and the more people who vaccinate the less likely that will happen. but even i haven't vaccinated the girls this year. lee and i both were vaccinated because we were already at the doctor and it was available. sorry someone was rude. love you and hope you feel better soon! i want to come see your precious mabel ... ashamed i haven't met the princess yet but i literally NEVER go to clinton anymore. :)

Amanda said...

I never get the Flu vaccine for myself or the boys..it only protects against a few strains anyway. Glad to hear Braden is on the mend-praying for you too!

Kalli said...

Ramee, my kids have gotten the vaccine every single year. Every single year the entire family has gotten it at LEAST twice. This year we did not vaccinate and we have gotten it once. Vaccinations mean little and who ever it was that was cruel is probably an unhappy person who makes themselves feel better by belittling others. Sad.

Rieses in Pieces said...

I double checked with our Pediatrician ... the FLU VACCINE does NOT protect against the stomach flu. Never has.