Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...at this moment...

Currently I am sitting at the kitchen table and I am tired. If I look to my left, Rachel is cooking the meal that I had planned on making. But I had another tailbone injection today and my back is feeling the ache this evening. The instant relief from the tailbone pain is worth it--for sure it is worth it.

Behind me is a swinging girl. She had therapy today and it went well. We'll be seeing a new Occupational Therapist so we met her today and had to go over Mabel's history. Her WHOLE history exhausts me so emotionally I am drained. But I think this will go well for us and I always trust that the Lord's hand is upon anyone who comes into contact with Mabel as we are praying for direction.

Braden is also in the living room. His body is moving. His mouth is moving. He's talking to himself and bee-boppin around. His newest thing is 'rocking out' like daddy does. And oh man is it cute! He is wearing spider man pj's and talking through his binky. I found a whole 2 tubs full of 3T clothes last night so he is good through the year! I have friends who really blessed us for sure.

Nora is tucked away up in my room on the other laptop doing her 'homework,' (www.readingeggs) is her current favorite. She is doing so well but enjoys the time alone. She watches movies alone and we don't see much of her unless she weirdly sneaks downstairs under a blanket like a sloth. It's odd and creepy but I laugh every time.

Daddy is sitting across from me on his DROID probably looking up something online. By the time I got to this paragraph, Braden did something and is now in time-out, staring at me with his big blue eyes. Rache is laughing. Braden is talking. Daniel is still disciplining.

...and this is the story of our every night...

Harper is sleeping. In a crib. Like a big girl.

It's pretty lame honestly--our everyday. Not lame, just routine. Just day after day of the same things. We say the same things, do the same things, wear the same things. But it brings me so much comfort living out the same things everyday. It is calming to me to wake up and live this life with the people I love.

Creeping. Singing. Yelling. Laughing. Crying.

It's just all in a day's work in our home.

Living in this moment.

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Danno said...

Im following you now haha weird
oh and i loved the Holland poem. love you