Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Randoms.

Welcome Friday!

Mabel slept on my chest or in my arms through the entire night. My body is sore from switching and adjusting her but she just couldn't stop startling and moving her body long enough to rest. She enjoys the pressure of someone's arms around her; thus the reason we swaddle or wear her so often. Her body calms and she can rest.

Tonight Daniel and I are taking the redheads out for date night! We are seeing a movie and then going to dinner and I am so excited to spend that time with all of them!!!

Tomorrow morning I am teaching kickboxing as a sub at the Y. I'm excited but nervous. It's been 2 years since I've taught [which is hard to believe!]

I ordered a new, expensive, brilliant lens today for my camera. I am beyond excited to have it! My goal is to pay it off, and save for that camera that my heart is really set on...

Sunday morning is Mabel's dedication at the church. I am both excited and anxious. Daniel and I are singing as well so it should be really special. I'm praying for strength to enjoy it and to not be too emotional. Of course, I'm sure I will be. If any of you would like to be there, you're more than welcome. We'd love that!

Nora is reading so well! It's amazing.

Harper is saying "Heidi" so clearly now. She loves that dog!

Braden is currently wearing a bright red cape with a "B" on the back of it. He's Super Bubby of course!

And on this wonderful Friday, I am thankful for so many things in my life. I'm excited for a weekend of love, family and connections. And although it's still cold outside today, something is pounding deep inside of me for the new.......

.....I can feel it coming.

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