Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Harper Lee!

Dear Harper,

I love you. I love you so much that I can't put it into words.

From the very first time I laid eyes on you in a picture to the moment when I kissed your face in the airport all the way up until this very moment where I can see your precious body sleeping in the swing--I have loved you.

There is a great purpose for your life Harper Lee. You were a special gift to your mommy. She prayed diligently for you and the Lord heard her cry. She loves you more than anything in this entire world. What is pretty special about your mommy is that she loves God most of all and so she trusts that you will grow and do the same. And I know you will. We have all prayed for you since before you were even forming. We sought God and asked Him to bring you. You are so very unique. You were created for a special reason.

I pray that as you grow, you hear the voice of God clearly. I pray that you would have a deep discernment. I pray that you would keep your vibrant, sometimes vocal spirit because it will serve you well, my love.

I pray you would be patient and kind. Gentle and selfless. I pray that you would rise up and do great and mighty things for the Lord. My deepest prayer is that you would have an understanding and a yearning for God at such an early age. I pray you accept Him early and serve Him always.

Recently you started pointing to your heart when we ask you, "Where's Jesus?" That excites me! You love Nora but you especially have a bond with Bubby. You say "Hi Mabel" plain as day! You say other things too. You say, mama, DanDan, Heidi, and your all time favorite--"Hiiiii!" I taught you to dance. Whenever I sing or wrinkle my nose, you dance and wrinkle yours. You giggle at me alot and I love it. You aren't walking quite yet although you could. You just drop to your knees and crawl to your desired object. You make us laugh. You have an infatuation with maple syrup puffs but you aren't a respecter of foods. You'll eat just about anything. You just learned to climb the stairs and when I found you at the top, you turned the corner and said,. "hi." That was cute. I'm sure mommy would tell you that you are still not sleeping through the night and although you nap in your crib, you prefer to sleep close to your mom. You nestle on her chest and stay close. Your eyes have stayed blue and your hair is a light brown/almost blondie. You are beautiful!

Harper, you have no idea how much joy you have brought to our lives and into this home. You have reminded me every single day how important it is to love others more than myself. I am thankful that we got to enjoy much of this first year with you. I couldn't have made it through many hard moments without seeing your beautiful smile or your goofy teeth. You, my love, have made me a happier Ramee. You grin up at me with adoration and I want you to know: I adore you more. As much as you love me, I love you more. As funny as you think I am, I think you're funnier. You have been my sunshine this year Harper and I am thankful.

As you grow, you are going to change. I may not be with you as you do, but know that I am always here when you need me. I am your Aunt Ramee forever and will always fight for you. Always. I hope that you swim alot. I hope that you love animals and dandelions. I hope that you enjoy chocolate and chocolate milk. I hope that you will embrace your heritage and the beauty that it is. I hope that you learn gentleness and compassion early on and I pray your heart takes you far in life. I hope you enjoy taking photos so that I can teach you all about the importance of passion. If you start to write, don't ever stop. It will free you. I hope that you create beautiful food and enjoy every bite. I hope that you learn the importance of fitness and desire to be healthy. I hope that you recognize that family is who you make it. It's where you feel love and give love equally. It is always give and take. Always give, Harper because it's always worth it. I hope you watch the sunset and know that Jesus gave it just for you. I pray that you love yellow roses and Easter lilly's so that each year I can send you one and know the joy you feel.

God will use you, baby. He will use you so mightily. Always be ready for His call. Sometimes it isn't easy. It will put you in situations that feel hard and uncomfortable. But if you are prepared and willing, He will always see you through. My hope for you is that your love for Him is far deeper than any of us could imagine it would be and you would do far greater things than my mind can think up. I know you will. I see it in you.

I know you're only 1. But when your 4, I hope it's my number you memorize and call 23 times a day. I'll answer every time. I love you that much. You are my most unexpected gift. The greatest I could have never dreamed. I love you entirely. I hope you know it. I will always take care of you, protect you and be here for you. You can count on me, my love.

So Happy Birthday cupcake girl. May it be all we hope it will be!!!

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