Friday, April 22, 2011

good friday.

It is not about this, but this is important to me... Moments with my family, enjoying each other's time, talking about Jesus and why He died on the cross while coloring Easter eggs and making time for traditions. It's all so very important to me.
Nora and Braden enjoyed this year's egg coloring more than ever, I believe. They're just getting so big and they are understanding so much. It's incredible to watch them learn and listen to their questions. They comprehension of God is astounding. And it reminds me of that child like faith that I wish we didn't lose as we grow and gain more 'knowledge.' Nora is so smart. She is so delicate yet ornery in the moment when you least expect it. She is funny and awkward and enjoys dressing herself. She is motherly and she is my everything.

Braden is easily frustrated, easily distracted but incredibly precise. He enjoys the details in everything and his hands remain busy at all times. He has a huge vocabulary and makes me laugh [and cry] almost everyday. He is so unique and special.

I have learned this year that family is who you make it. Home is where they are. And the people that I do life with are the people who complete me. I do life with so many of you and for that I am thankful. I am thankful for friends who happily approach us in the mall and reach for Mabel with such ease. You don't know how much those moments mean to me--they are everything. I am thankful for the ability to be a part of the important things in each of your lives, such as nursing school or having a new baby. For those of you that I mention, please know that you're pulling me through each day. My faith remains strong because of you...

Today would be the day that our Jesus was crucified. I'm sure that his mother and those who loved him felt little faith. I'm sure that they felt confusion, heartache, desperation and despair that we cannot understand.

But the hope was coming.

In my moments of sadness, I am trying to remember that my hope is also coming. Little things that should be simple and routine are difficult for me. Buying Mabel an Easter basket seems pointless when she doesn't even recognize it. But I do it. Seeing the Easter bunny was hard; I had to tell the photographer that she wouldn't smile, or even look for a picture but that it was ok. It was hard. But I did it.

And I hope I can look back on these things and be glad that I got through it and happy that I did it.

I try to keep in mind that our Lord has been right where I am. He has experienced pain and sadness that I cannot even comprehend. He sent His only Son to die for us on a cross. He had to watch Him suffer and die. I cannot understand the pain that was experienced by the people that loved Jesus that day...

and yet Jesus chose to endure it anyway if it meant that others might be saved.

And I pray that through this journey with Mabel others would be saved. I pray that if you watch close enough, you will see a mighty God at work. I pray that if you listen long enough, you will hear the voice of truth. I pray that if you are reading this today, you would cry out to Jesus and let Him lead your life.

Because our God died to heal us. Save us. Rescue us. Redeem us. Forgive us. Free us. Empower us. Love us.
For you and for me. For each of my children and yours.

I recognize that each part of my life is ordained by the Lord. I know that Mabel and every part of her was created by a loving God. Therefore, I am not afraid. I am empowered. I am prepared. I am willing.... go through this with Mabel, if it means you or someone I love will know Jesus.

He was willing.

I am willing.

Are you celebrating our great God this Good Friday or are you just painting Easter eggs?