Sunday, April 10, 2011

She is His.

I sat in the bathtub not long ago and cried tears for myself and for my girl.

I said to the Lord out loud...

"...she is my baby Lord. This is all too much for me..."

And He said almost audibly to me, "She is mine too. You're forgetting she is mine too."

And she is.

I am resting in the knowing that her Father in Heaven loves her more than we ever could. We love her more than anything so I can't even imagine the depth of His.

I felt peace immediately and the weeping ceased.

She is His.

We dedicated Mabel at church this morning.

Although Daniel and I pray over our children from the time we are aware of their conception, we know how important it is to join with our families and the people who love us to dedicate them to God. It is a special time. It does not make our children Christians. It doesn't ensure them a place in Heaven. It is a pledge, as parents and those who love our children, to protect them. To raise them up with the knowledge and fear of the Lord. It is a time that is dear to my heart because I am pledging to lead them in the right direction... Our family was complete with Mabel's birth. She has been everything my heart was missing. She beats out an unfamiliar rhythm inside of me but it's incredible.
She has the greatest big brother and big sister ever. They love her so much and I am so proud of who they are.
Today I was thankful to be standing next to my partner, knowing that we are in this together, no matter what that means. He is mine. I am his. They are ours.

And His.

And we will get through.

Celebrating our Woo today. She sure is special.