Monday, April 18, 2011

spring favorites.

My mom would tell you that I never slow down. I would argue that although I am very fast paced and busy, I do slow down enough to enjoy the little things in life that make me most happy. I find joy in simplicity and am passionate about the beauty that I find in almost anything. I feel very deeply.

There are a few things that I'm enjoying most right now. In the midst of research, caring for Mabel, and obsessing about what if's of our future, I have found a way to look at life around me and have purposed to enjoy it. Here's a glimpse into my favorite things for Spring as of now!

My studio: It makes me proud. It makes me happy. I enjoy visiting with people in it and sharing memories as I take photos. It's bringing me healthy distractions and alot of fun. I am thankful for everyone who has came and enjoyed it with me...

My newest candle: Usually I buy from a small shop here in town and I will continue to do so forever because they're amazing. However, this green candle caught my eye at Wal-Mart and not only is it pretty, it smells SO good. It's flavor? Sweet Vanilla Lime. Perfect for spring! Tuna & Crackers: Just a quick, healthy lunch. I've always loved it but I'm on a kick right now.
Nora's shoulder shrug: It's her newest thing. She shrugs her little shoulders, says "true that" and walks away. And it's way cute.
Rachel's gift: On the day of Mabel's dedication, Rachel bought me this ring. I haven't taken it off and it's my absolute favorite thing right now. "Love the life you live" on the front and "Live the life you love" on the inside. It's incredibly special to me. When Rachel first got here, she bought me a bracelet that had a charm hanging from it. The charm read "I hope." She purchased the bracelet for me before we even knew anything was happening with Mabel. But our God knew and Rachel is a praying woman. I am thankful for her love and support in my life. These gifts will forever be special to me...
Chocolate and Peanut Butter: Favorite combo ever!
Fake Hair Headband: Although this is creepy and weird and I truly cannot stand it, I can't help but include it as my favorite thing for right now because Mabel looks so cute wearing it and so does Harper (bald as she may be...) Plus it makes Rachel really happy. And I love to see her smile. [Her smile is one of my favorite things too.]
My new hanging chalkboard in the kitchen: Because I've been wanting one FOREVER and finally caved and got it. And I love it. So it was worth it.
Creating with the redheads: I'm really trying to purpose myself to find time to do things with Nora and Braden and enjoy them right now. Nora is wearing a horse's costume. It's really funny and makes me laugh.
Can you guess what we were making out of cookies and icing?
A few other favorite things right now include...

A new picture of Nanny & Pawpy when they were young: Nanny's body is so curvy and cute and they look incredibly happy and in love. In my mind, I know their life was just as chaotic and crazy as mine yet they still looked vibrant and full of energy. I pray that I do too.

Waking up to Daniel praying for me at the side of the bed.

Mabel laughing.

Printed photos that I had been putting off.

The new ERGO carrier and new camera lens I bought. Both should be here in a couple of days and I'm soooo excited!


So although my mom is right about me not slowing down for much of anything, I now understand that I don't and am trying to change it. I want to enjoy this life and all it holds for me. I want to open my eyes to see, my nose to smell, my ears to hear all that God has in store for me during this time. Although it is a time of confusion and often sadness, I find that I am joyful the most when I purpose to be. I am sensitive to the Lord and I am truly hearing His voice right now. And that feels really good.

That is my most favorite thing of all.