Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There is nothing about this time that we aren't enjoying. Each one of us are making it a point to slow down and drink it in. These moments that are gone too quickly and so much forgotten are far too important... Last night I lay in bed with my two girls. I slept soundly next to them, tucked under two blankets and as I woke to feed Mabel I thought, 'I have never been more comfortable in my entire life...' and it was true. I could have stayed there forever. Half way through t he night Braden made his way in too. He wasn't sleeping well and so he brought his blankets and camped out next to me on the floor. Three or four times when I would turn over to peek over the side of my bed, I saw his red head and smiled sleepily. He has a beautiful little head.
These are the unedited moments of life. The photos that show the reality and truth. The good moments that are overwhelming and inspiring and the bad moments that would rather be forgotten. But unlike a photograph, you can't airbrush life. You can't sweep in with a clone tool and erase a blemish or that which is troubling.
Life is unedited. It's raw and real. It's beautiful and painful. It's scary and amazing. It's surprising and unpredictable. It's sunshine and sadness. It's all of that and a million naps.
And I am so thankful for each moment; good and bad. Happy and sad.

They are forever mine. Forever unedited.