Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am not usually one for retail therapy. In fact I usually feel really guilty for spending money when it's unnecessary. We have some things we need to pay off and I'm desperate to do so. However, today Rachel and I headed to the mall with just the babies and we left with a few things that ended up making me really happy.

A yellow head wrap--

And a pair of new sunglasses for my woo.
I find myself focusing on money alot lately. We have some extra expenses that we took upon ourselves this year (a new shed, a new truck among a few others...) and even though they fit into our budget, I am finding that I just want to be out of the shadow of any debt, no matter how great or how small. I've been working really hard to contribute to our finances and I pray that in doing so we can always bless others in the ways we have been blessed.

I want to wake up and not think about money. I want to not focus on it. In order to do so, we have agreed on simplifying our lives by eliminating some 'things' that we no longer want or need. I will be selling some items, donating some things and putting some things up for grabs. I may have a day where I post them here; but Im not sure quite yet.

Has your family came up with a plan to eliminate debt? Do you have any ideas or plans of action that you have built into your lives? I'm opening comments on this post so that you can share with us your thoughts. I'm anxious to hear from many of you!


Tiffany said...

You. Are. Adorable. !!!!

And Mabel and those glasses - OH MY. I love you guys!

We love Dave Ramsey's plan, and it got us through our adoption debt free. We are now working back into eliminating our van loan debt and our mortgage, now that extra money is not going to an adoption. It is freeing. I loved The Total Money Makeover Book. I do not want to be a slave to money or my debts. I want to be free to bless others - just like you. Money is so temporal. I am realizing that more and more.
Love you, Rame.

brandy said...

We love Dave Ramsey!!! :)

Kalli said...

Seriously cute :)
And I'm signing us on for the dave ramsey plan as well. You can take the online classes and I have yet to hear one negative thing about it.
Considering we just bought a business debt is going to be very present for us for a while, but since the store is self maintaining we're focusing on eliminating credit cards then using the extra from that to pay off the big stuff :)
And it's yard sale time for us as well!

Verena said...

Our plan is to pay everything CASH...a new TV...washingmaschine...laptop..just everything. I hate looking at your bank account and see your money running through your fingers. We even payed the car cash...we saved a lot of money and got a bit for the old one so we made a good deal.
We have no debt...so no sleepless nights.