Sunday, May 8, 2011

my day.

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Daniel and I took the kids (and Aunt Jeni) for lunch at Weldon Springs yesterday and then after Aunt Jeni left us, we headed for the trail. The kids were trooper's and made it the entire distance...despite being tired and thirsty by the end of it all. They wanted so badly to be on an 'adventure,' with mommy as their leader.

It was so sweet to be with them. They are asking so many questions and are just at such an impressionable age. I realize more and more that I truly have to purpose myself to be intentional with them but I want to do that so badly because they are listening to everything and they are learning so much. They were craving attention from both mommy & daddy and we were both really glad to give it to them. Daddy wore Mabel in our new Ergo wrap and she slept but I believe she enjoyed the outdoors too.

Last night, daddy & I got dressed up and headed out for a night away. When the redheads were babies, I never left them. In fact, I never left them until last year on Valentine's Day for one night at a Bed & Breakfast in which we came home at like 8 am the next morning because I missed them so bad. But I knew that we really needed a night away together. Not only have we been extremely busy, but we have been extremely focused. On just about everyone else except one another. We wanted to have dinner and just be able to talk and all this mommy wanted for my Mother's Day was a full night of sleep without being woke up by our heavy-breathin boy, or a 4 year old sleeping sideways...

So we stayed in a seriously nice condo that just so happened to be upgraded by the front desk for free. We took a free limo ride from the condo to dinner and back again. And we were in bed, asleep by 10 pm. It's amazing how a 'night away' doesn't mean the same when you have 3 young kids as it does before you have them. Now, a night away means dinner and early to bed...and enjoying it more than anything else in the world.

Mabel stayed with her Nanny and slept well. Braden and Nora stayed with Aunt Rachel and Aunt Jeni and had their very own adventures.

We got home mid-morning and went to lunch with the rest of our family this afternoon. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable weekend for me. I love being a mom. It is all I ever wanted to do and still, even though it is hard and often frustrating, it is the most rewarding and amazing things I have ever experienced. This year has made me into a new mother. Having Mabel and all that she has brought into my life has forever changed my mothering. She is so special and she has opened my eyes to enjoyment I never knew. She is teaching me every day how to be focused, diligent, loving and gentle. She is showing me every moment how to not take any of them for granted. She lights a fire of determination in me with her gentle smile and soft skin. This Mother's Day is the greatest, by far.

I am so blessed that I got to share in this Mother's Day with Rachel as she celebrated being a mom for the very first year. This time of mothering is so special for so many of my friendships and I want each of you to know that I am grateful to share in these days, months and moments with you all.
I pray your day was fulfilled and rich. I pray that you feel loved by your children and that you can celebrate being a mother in whatever way makes you happy and calm. In fact, I hope you can do that in some small way each day of the year and not just today.

As for me, a hot bath is my luxury of choice and I can't wait to fall into one just as soon as the kids are settled for the night. Tomorrow brings back the normal of our week--chocolate milk, screams, therapy, laughs, tears and some dancing every now and then. Enjoy your week, friends.

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