Saturday, May 28, 2011

rainy today. iloveyou, tomorrow.

It's a rainy day in May. The kids spent most of the morning playing a huge mud pile in the yard much like they did last week. We brought them in and threw them in the shower for a quick wash down and then we let them take a bath [and pretend they were actually swimming the mid-summer heat.] But just kidding. We are wearing socks and sweatshirts and eating chocolate all day like we would in the dead of winter. It's just great for my mood. But what isn't so great for my mood is walking into the bathroom and wading through the swamp that the redheads created by unloading the water that once was in the tub and is not on the floor. Again.

And then, after getting them out and dressed, I do not appreciate when Nora yells that 'Heidi peed all over the bathroom floor!' I said, "No, baby, it's probably just the water from your bath." But sure enough-it was Heidi pee. And I'm still wondering...why do we have this dog?

For a brief time this afternoon, the house was completely quiet except for the sound of cartoons, the swing creaking and the thunder clapping outside. Braden and the babies were sleeping and Nora was snacking on chocolate chips. Rachel and I are sitting at my new kitchen table [a great find at this mornings garage sale]. We are looking up decorating ideas and not talking about anything serious. It was a much needed and relaxing break for the both of us, I believe.

My tailbone is back to hurting almost constantly. I may try one more injection before our first trip to Chicago but I am just not sure if it will work.

Rache continues to burst out in song as the rain and darkness from outside sets in all around us. We feel consumed by this house most days. Our catch phrases and funny noises keep one another moving through these moments of solitude and quiet.

I rearranged some things in the house today and if the sun were shining, I would be in love. Tomorrow, I believe I will be.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love you tomorrow. You're only a day away...


Verena said...

It's the same weather here Ramee....we just talked about what to do today but we found nothing we will stay at home, watch the rain and watch tv. Wishing you a nice and cozy sunday with your redheads.

Tiffany said...

I cannot believe that you guys have had it so cold this spring. It has been in the 90's here in upstate NY - strange. Praying sunshine touches you very soon!