Sunday, May 22, 2011

real life.

This was a good weekend. What I loved about it was living real life and not internet life. I got to see people, interact with them and enjoy the company of my children without the chaos of technology. We went to the carnival, I took photos at a casual yet beautiful wedding, and we spent the day cooking out in a storm today.

I looked at my kids. I mean, I really looked at them. I noticed things about them that are changing and Braden's first freckle. The one that proves that he is 'getting big.' I noticed how big Nora looks and how she is saying words differently. I watched Mabel as I pushed her in the big girl stroller, harnessed in at all five points. I watched her in such amazement. I looked at her tapping arm and her protruding tongue and I fell deeper in love with every part of her.

I have such clarity about being a mom, even when the rest of this life seems so chaotic and so different. I love caring for these kids. I love watching them be joyful and young. I love letting them be. I feel sad when they are sad. I feel hopeless when I can't find answers. I am enthralled with their beauty, much like I believe our King is with each of us.

So this weekend was full of real life. I didn't even get on this computer for 2 days and I remembered what summer is all about. Life free from the clutter of computers. Life in real time. I remembered what I have been longing for and hoping for.

This weekend brought me alot of happiness and I can't wait to wake up and do it again tomorrow, and tuesday and wednesday.

...and everyday...

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brandy said...

I <3 the look on your faces!!! HOW fun!!!!