Friday, May 27, 2011

they say the darndest...

Last night, Nora brings Aunt Rachel her book from the library. She said, "I found my book Aunt Rachel. I didn't lose it! But you can take it back to the library tomorrow. I'm kind of boring with books now so if you could just get me a movie...that would be good. Ecause I'm just kinda boring right now." She had her sassiest voice and her most proper attitude. All the while, she meant to say bored which is just so so cute!

Braden got in trouble by his dad the other night at nanny's house. After crying for a couple of minutes, he walked over to a picture of me, Jeni, Jake & Daniel and held it up. Aggressively he said to Daniel, "See how you were happy, daddy!" He wanted Daniel to be happy again and not discipline him.

Nora woke up today while I was away doing a photo shoot. Rachel asked her how she was feeling and she said, "I feel good today. Mommy prayed that I would feel better and now I do!"

My redheads are just as clever and wonderful as always. My time with them is precious. I am still waiting for hot-as-coal summer days with popsicle stains and freckles. But until then, we're enjoying fall like May and hoping for brighter days.