Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Accomplishments & Growing.

Be still my beating heart.
The boy is cute.  Unbelievably, totally, unequivocally cute.
He is learning how to swim and is quite a little fish.  He prays for me when my back hurts.  He is ornery and bites his sister. {I cant stand biters.} 
He woke up from his nap yesterday and told me that he had a dream where Jesus sucked him up into the sky with him.  He saw Jesus but he didn't like being sucked up.  Last night at bed time he reminded me that he didn't want to be sucked up by Jesus.  I got to tell him how Jesus spoke to mommy almost 4 years ago and asked me to take care of him until he's a very old man.  He smiled and fell asleep.
I am just thankful that he knows that name that is so sweet:  Jesus.

Nora's gonna be 5 soon and I can't believe it.  In fact, it makes my tummy turn a bit. 

I love spending time with her alone and listening to her talk.  She has a HUGE vocabulary, a HUGE imagination, and a HUGE heart.  She is also being rather ornery lately; testing me at every whim and throwing a crazy tantrum at every turn.  She's stunning, smart and creative.
This past weekend {the day before Father's Day}, she learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels!!!  Daddy had been working with her for days but it was Papa Butch who took her up and down the driveway a couple times and then let go.  And she did it flawlessly.
Already she can do it all alone.  With no assistance.  She doesn't need me.
That's an overwhelming and yet remarkable feeling!  The independence I see in the redheads makes me so proud and thankful.

I mentioned that I have a fundraising idea for July to help raise money for "Mabel's Able" to donate to rare disease.  I'm still in the process of gathering information but I hope it will be something great!  Until then, you still have the opportunity to donate!  Click on the link to your right and give what you can.  I can't wait to give our donation--it's going to be a great feeling!
Speaking of Mabel, she's doing great.  She's beautiful and smiley and giggling a lot this week.  Thanks to all of the girls who came out for our 'Girls Night' and admired how cute she is.  I'm gearing up for our big appointment in one week from today.  Will you begin praying for peace over us and that our Dr. would have great wisdom?  Oh, and of course--for answers {if there are more answers to be found.}

It's a sunshine day so I think we'll spend it celebrating life.  How bout you do the same?

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