Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Dear Dear.

Dear Nora,
Today is the day that you truly learned how to swim.  You became a little fish in the water and you were doing somersaults!  It was amazing to watch and mommy screamed almost the entire time we were at the beach, clapping and cheering you on.  You are so beautiful, Nora Elaine--even your brother called you a 'beach angel' today.
 Dear Braden,
Today you had to pee and Aunt Jeni told you to go in the water.  You walked to the edge and pulled your pants down.  Standing there in front of everyone, you were about to pee the day away.  But then Aunt Jeni went running toward you yelling and you said you couldn't sit in the water because you were 'scared.'  You make days like today worthwhile, my boy.  You're a funny dude.
I love you more than anything.
Dear sunscreen,
You can't even do your job?  You're worthless.

 Dear Sunless Tanner,
Thanks for making my face look so tan in these photos. 
 Dear Mr. Frog,
Thanks for giving the kids great entertainment in the dark of night as they were supposed to be catching lightning bugs.  I'm sorry that they put you in a jug and put the lid on top.  I hope froggy Heaven is as wonderful as I think it is.
P.S.  The kids think that your mommy came and made you go home.  I couldn't bare to tell them the truth; it would break their hearts.  Someday they'll read this and know. 
[sorry, kids.]
Dear June 30th, 2011,
Thanks for making me feel free again.  Thanks for letting me bask in the sunshine and enjoy my own laughter.  Thanks for being a day that I think I'll always remember. 

Dear PMS hormones,
You're killin me.  My impulsive hair coloring habits at this time of month are a little much.  Could you just stop raging inside of me for a bit?  Thanks. 

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tinkerbell90873 said...

Teehee! I think you meant June, lol. Yay for Nora learning to swim! That is awesome!