Monday, June 20, 2011

For Daniel:
I've loved you all along.  Even before you were mine I crushed on you majorly.  Your crooked grin and sweet eyes got me.  And I always saw how gentle you were and I knew you'd be a great dad.  You made all of my dreams come true when you gave me these children.  I wanted nothing more than to be a mother and you loved the idea of being a father.  Even now, I see your commitment and love to this family and others and I am thankful.   

This year I've watched you learn to be a different dad.  This year you have been a dad to an unexpected wonder of a girl.  She is mysterious and unique and she is blessed to have you.  You have never once looked at her inabilities.  You've only loved her unconditionally.  And that is the kind of love that I am blessed to call mine.  Not only have I watched you love Mabel in a way that is so special, but this year as we have faced new challenges, you have loved others as your own.  You have loved out of the deepest parts of yourself and it has been an incredible gift to many.  You're a good man, Daniel Eugene.  I am thankful to God for you.
So with all of that said, I think you are more handsome than ever.  Although I get annoyed with you often sometimes, I hope you know that my desire is to love you well and for you to feel that.  You'll never know how in love with you I am but I pray I can show you everyday.  I am thankful that you are with me on this journey, not only with Mabel, but just in life.  Raising kids with you is wild, chaotic, and crazy but it is the ride of a lifetime.  You are a great daddy and our kids are blessed to have you.  You are a wise, strong, dedicated man of God and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

This coming year I plan to give you that tattoo you've been wanting, encourage you to go fishing more often and let you buff the truck as much as you'd like.  I will also try not to tease you about gaining weight and getting old. 
You're welcome. 
Hope you had a rockin Father's Day.
I love you.

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