Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday gifts.

Mabel's really blessed to have such a loving sister and brother.  She adores them and they see nothing different in her.  We have never spoken to them about her in any way other than she's the baby.  And she is their baby. 
A couple of days ago Nora said to me, "Mabel doesn't see me sometimes."  It broke my heart because no one has ever told her that.  She is so intuitive and just knows.  But, she loves her still and she is so proud of herself when she can make Mabel smile or laugh.

Braden's morning routine usually includes Mabel.  In fact, as I'm writing this they are watching Barney together on the living room floor, cuddled under bubby's big blanket.  He covers her up and rubs her arm.  He is gentle and loving.  She loves him so much; you can just tell.
Our days have been busy lately leaving no room for thinking of the 'what ifs' that our upcoming appointment could produce.  I am feeling anxious to get the initial appointment over but after yesterdays 30 minute conference call with the genetic counselors that we'll be meeting with, I can tell how exhausting our one day trip is going to be. 
In the meantime, I'm just enjoying the redheads and all they're doing.  Nora learned to ride her bike with no training wheels one day and the very next day she needed no help at all.  She's so fast and she's really good.  I'm so proud of her.
Braden is entertaining us, as always, with song.  He can keep a beat and sing in tune like no other 3 year old you have ever heard.  He's sure ornery but he brings a great joy to my life. 
And our girl--
Our sweet girl is so smiley and happy.  That makes everything about this journey more than worth it for me.  She smiles constantly and is just so content.  She continues to tap her little arms all day and is starting to coo out a bit more.  She is no longer sleeping in a swaddle which is HUGE!  She has lost her 'startle reflex' over the last week or so and I am thankful that she is progressing!  You can't understand how amazing it is to see her sprawled out in our bed instead of being wrapped tightly like a newborn.  Don't get me wrong--she still enjoys a tight swaddle, but it is no longer 'necessary.' 
She has gotten 3 out of 4 top teeth this week.  They're big and it's been painful for all of us as she has cried much more than usual.  But she sure is beautiful!!!
Thanks to everyone for your interest in the 5k.  I'll be figuring out the details very soon and hopefully we can get this thing rollin!  If all goes well, we would like to plan for a fall run as well. 

The house smells good and the floors are clean.  I do believe I'll crawl under the Bob the Builder with a couple of cuties and thank God for this Friday gift. 

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Natalie said...

Mabel's hair looks so red in these pictures! Amazing how it changed so much since she was born. I love it!