Thursday, June 16, 2011

insane summer

Today was such a wonderful day.  Minus Braden and his screaming and telling me No a hundred times.  But we'll come back to that. 
This morning Mabel woke me up early so I put her in her crib to talk and play.  She still sleeps with me so she has never truly slept in her crib.  Today was a first because when I went back in to check on her, she was sound asleep and sprawled out beautifully.    Usually she likes her swaddle but today she didn't seem to mind the comfort of freedom!
We had a pretty 'normal' morning.  The kids played and couldn't make up their minds between inside and out.  I have a few other couch photos and today seemed like such a sweet day to catch another.  Mabel looks big here, huh?

And then maybe my most favorite of all--popsicle time!  As I snapped these pictures of the redheads my  heart started to beat in a familiar fashion.  It was so summery and jogged my memory of photo's past.  I adore these hot, summer mornings. 

The kids have been obsessed with catching lightning bugs.  They had a huge box of them in the house for a couple of days but I'm pretty sure they all died.  They are just having trouble obeying and listening and it feels like a free for all around here lately.  Like I ask myself, "Why am I even here to parent you?  You aren't listening anyway..."  So needless to say Im a little jaded over the whole thing but such is life I suppose.

Mabel had therapy and was super fussy but she did a really good job of reaching today which is always great!  And then we had lunch and I caught the crazies beautiful blessings standing on top of Rachel's car.  That was an awesome moment.

I believe I have a great fundraising idea for the month of July.  I'll be posting information soon and hopefully we'll have quite a few people who want to get involved.  Until tomorrow--please pray for my sanity.  ♥


Kalli said...

Umm..I believe I got off the phone with Rache just as they were getting on top of her car. Hahaha. Your kids crack me up. And the stories. Ah. I need to visit you all more, makes me smile :) And Mabel does look big in that picture. She's perfect, really!

Annie B. said...

Oh goodness! Haha. Poor you, your children are little squirrels lately!I will be praying for your sanity, maybe you should say a prayer for mine too because my little crazies...I mean blessings are making me nutty too! Maybe there is something in the water?

Mabel is doing so well, Ramee! She looks like such a big girl lately. I just want to blow raspberries on her little exposed tummy in that first pic. I love it.