Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today I photographed 2 weddings--back to back. I am exhausted but the day was truly a success. Right now, Mabel is swinging and her feet are bare, hanging out of her swaddle. The kids are upstairs climbing into bed and I'm about to join them.

Just wanted to remind you that we are still accepting donations for 'Mabel's Able' until the end of June. I can NEVER express my gratitude for all you have done thus far! You're all awesome and it is an honor to do life with you everyday here in my little piece of Heaven.

You know this is all I want to do, right? Spend my days writing and enjoying this life that I've been blessed to have. You make it all worth it and I am thankful.

Mabel's rash is officially gone and I believe it was a result of the antibiotic that kicked her sinus infection. Life is a catch 22 sometimes, isn't it?

Sleep is amazing. You should get some yourself. Catch you on Monday, friends.

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