Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Mabel is a little over 11 months old now.  I have officially lost all the baby weight and am at my pre-pregnancy weight of 106.  Here's the deal.  This is not about good genes.  It is always about hard work, discipline, commitment and drive.

I can't say with honesty that I've always worked out just to feel good.  In fact, it was very much for vanity reasons at one point.  But during this time of my life, as I'm running each day I am focusing on health, wellness, mental stability, and emotional clarity.  I am thankful for the benefits of exercise-not only in losing weight but in the way that it empowers and releases endorphins that make my thoughts clear and my body strong.

I look back and remember exercising this hard before I got pregnant with Mabel.  I wanted to look and feel good then as well.  I remember feeling like I had complete control of my body and that made me feel powerful.  I still feel that way and especially now that I have so little control in every other area of my life, I am grateful for the 3 mile walks, 5 mile runs, late night leg lifts and hour long bike rides. 

I wanted to give a couple pointers to those of you who are still on the weight loss or strength training journey!  These are just things straight out of my daily routine.  It's what works for me...

Breakfast:  1 bowl of corn flakes with 2% milk and some sugar with a cup of coffee.
**Coffee has a TON of health benefits such as balancing out your metabolism!

Lunch:  7-8 crackers with tuna.  A few chips.  A glass of kool-aid.  An oreo.
**Tuna is a great source of protein (which gives you energy) and a great source of Omega 3!

Workout:  Usually a 3-5 mile walk or run.  Pushing the redheads (at least 80 lbs including stroller).  After my cardio, I come home and stretch.  Later in the evening I sneak in some pilates while the kids play or I lift weights every other day.  I do cardio 6-7 days a week and always shoot for more than 30 minutes because that is when the true calorie blasting kicks in!

Dinner:  Typically anything I want.  I worked out hard so I'm not going to deprive myself.  Here's the general key that I go by--whatever I want to eat, I eat half of that.  There is no need to eat as much as most of us want to.  We are usually full after about half of the amount.  Tune in, pay attention to your body and you'll probably realize that you're satisfied at half.  Portion control is HUGE!

I snack throughout the day on bagel crisps, a couple strawberries, a few chips, a popsicle, lemonade, etc.  I have almost completely eliminated pop from my diet except for if we are eating out somwhere.  It's summer so it's easy to drink something light like kool aide, lemonade or water.

Ok, so that is a simple outline of what I've been up to as far as fitness goes.  If there is a free moment in my day, I'm usually working out somehow.  What are you doing?  What are your tips or go-to foods?  Please share!!!

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Rieses Pieces said...

WOW! So happy you are back to your goal Pre-pregnancy weight! I just blogged about my weigh-in Wed. I totally agree with you 110% eat everything in moderation and PORTION CONTROL! I have a sweet tooth and I am not depriving my body of sweets as I am on a journey to lose my 30 poundI love to eat Vitatops and put coolwhip on them! Don't feel so guilty. L)I am sad to say that all this weight has had to go for a while. My baby is now 18months. Thank you for being real, genuine and opening up your heart & home to all of us blog mommies. I love reading about your red-heads! It is very helpful for me with our little red-head. Continued prayers for you and your sweet Mabel. Hugs