Sunday, June 5, 2011

You know what's hard? Almost everything at one point or another. Life can be hard, jobs can be hard, money, friends, relationships, children, choices, obligations--it can all be really hard. That is why it is sometimes hard to praise God for what He has done. But what I have come to realize in the last several months is that it is not hard to praise God for WHO HE IS rather than what he has done.

God has done, is doing and will continue to do remarkable, amazing, powerful things in our lives. It's sometimes easy to see those things and feel them. And then there are times when it isn't quite so easy. We should still be able to worship Him, whether we can see what he's doing or feel it, but as humans it isn't always so simple.

But despite our circumstances changing, who God is never changes. He is steady and stable. He is consistent and steadfast. He is a God who does not change in the midst of ever changing uncertainties that we have. He is many things to me-

Friend, Confidant, Protector, Redeemer, Savior, Messiah, Joy-giver, Healer, Listener, Lover.

Of course if we break each one of these things down, we can see that God does many things in each role that He plays. However, it is not the role that I'm infatuated with--it's the God who is. Who is a friend.

Who is a Protector.

Who is a redeemer.

Not a god who has befriended or protected or redeemed. But a God who IS.

Do you see it? I get asked often how I am able to maintain this love affair with the King and not feel weary, frustrated or pitted. There are times, friends, when I do feel those things. But it is not about what I feel. It is always about what I know. Or who I know, rather. And who I know is a God with each and every perfect quality that you can think of. And my relationship with Him is quite delightful. Delicious, actually. Like honey dripping from my lips, this love of mine is succulent and intimate. It is long lasting and enduring.

I can say in confidence that despite any circumstance in my life, this love for my God will not change. If you are unable to say the same, my advice is to simply ask Him to show you WHO HE IS and not what He can, or will DO for you. Surely He will do great things--but the lover of our souls wants to be loved in return, for who He is.

I am thankful that He spoke this to my spirit once again today. It was a sweet, fragrant reminder that I needed to experience deeply.

Praising my God for being God tonight. Who is He to you? Please share!!!

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