Monday, July 18, 2011


Our Birthday Girl celebrated in a big way!
 We spent the weekend celebrating Mabel with gifts, hugs, big bows, cake, family and laughter. 
 Aunt Jeni bought her this little black dress to show off her beautiful bod and big hair bow that Aunt Rachel created.  She looked stunning!
 This year has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs but yesterday it all faded away while I sat back and saw the people who love us surround our girl with love and shower her with gifts. I am reminded how blessed we are and thankful that we have so much support and love.
 She got so many wonderful, thoughtful gifts including bracelets, beautiful clothes, wall hangings for her room, and a sweet sounding lamb for when she is sleeping in the crib or riding in the car.  It was all just perfect!

 I let Mabel tap in her cake and before we knew it, she was eating it!  It was hilarious and we all laughed and cried.  She looked so big and beautiful! 
I am excited to see what this next year will bring for our girl.  This year she may hit milestones that she hasn't hit yet.  She may grow tall or stay small.  It may be a year of surprises.  All I know is that in every single day, I am going to choose to celebrate this girl and our life with her.  She is our sunshine girl and she is worth it!


Jessica Kramasz said...

I love her big yellow bow - so sweet!

Tiffany said...

I love, love, love these photos! Looks like a fabulous day of celebrating Mabel. And could she be any cuter??? Oh. My. Goodness.

The Wickershams said...

That bow is to die for! Happy birthday to little miss Mabel!