Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday NoraElaine!

5 years ago, God gave me you.
 I know He gave me you for many reasons. 
To see how much I could love.  To fall more in love with your daddy.  To hope for you a house full of siblings.  To find new hope and new strength.  To experience being a mommy in the greatest way (I have adored you for as long as I can remember).  To fulfill my dreams.  To enrich your life. 
Nora, you are the greatest gift I have ever received.  You made me a mommy and showed me how to enjoy life in ways that I couldn't comprehend before your red head appeared.  You are beautiful, smart, fearless and wonderful. 

You are reading.  You are riding your bike with no training wheels.  You started to swim this summer.  You love Sunday School and learning about Jesus [which makes my heart so proud.]  You are a great big sister to Mabel and you are in love with your bubby.  He's your best friend and you don't like spending much time away from him.  You love ring pops and getting new things.  You are ornery in your own right and it makes us laugh when you try to sing a song that you don't quite know.  Sometimes you cover up with a blanket and sloth around the house really creepily.  That is hilarious to me, but Aunt Rachel is freaked out by it. 

Anyway, you are our greatest joy.  Your name means 'light' and we wanted you to be a light to anyone you encountered in this life.  So far, little lady, you are just that!  You are a precious jewel in my heart and I love you more than I ever imagined I could. 
Today you are 5 years old and I cannot believe it. 
Thank you for the best 5 years of my entire life and I can't wait to share soooo many more with you!  You are beautiful inside and out Nora.  I am so proud of you and thankful to be your mommy.
God bless you, sweet pea.

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