Wednesday, July 20, 2011

normal. summer salsa.

Sometimes the normal things are the things that are what hold me together.  In fact, they always are.  I've been dying to get the kids into the kitchen with me and just let them get their hands dirty in creating something fresh and summery. 
 So we mixed and chopped and created a delicious summer salsa that was perfect! 

 Our Summer Salad 2011 included:  3 large tomatoes diced and chopped, 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper, 3 jalapeno peppers, 1 white onion, juice from 1 lemon, cumin, and some salt.  It was simple and perfect!
 Speaking of simple & perfect:  The little things in life that make my heart tick.  For instance, seeing Mabel sit straight up in her swing by her own motivation and strength:  priceless!
Notice that she is doing so in order to bite her teeth and gums on the swing.  All of the kids have had a terrible time cutting teeth and that is one thing that she shares with the redheads for sure!  The last two nights have been terrible with little sleep.  I was up until 4:30 one night and 3:30 the next.  Please pray that this passes quickly as she is just inconsolable when she gets upset--usually causing her to have many seizures.  It's a horrible and hard reminder that her needs are by far real and intense and are not going anywhere anytime soon. 

I appreciate your love for us!  Have you planned on running the 5k?  Let me know by finding the event on facebook and 'attending' it.  If not, please consider donating to the cause or supporting a runner who can't afford to pay...
We are grateful!

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