Monday, July 25, 2011

the power of love.

We've all read stories about the power of love. 
 How a woman locked in a coma for months suddenly emerges because the love of her life spoke gently into her ear...
Or how a father found his way home to his children after a war that left him confused and disoriented.
Or how, despite hunger and financial strain, a family is able to become successful and regain a life of contentment and peace because of the power of their love for one another...

Never in my life have I experienced the power of love like I have over the past 9 months.  When Rachel brought Harper to Illinois Mabel was not even 3 months old yet and Harper was just a little more than 5 months.  They were nursing babies who needed so much attention from us individually...
 ...yet immediately they formed something remarkable.  The kind of bond that sisters who share a womb experience, I believe.  They were completely and utterly fascinated with one another from the get go.
 And as times have changed and life has opened up to us a mystery through Mabel, one thing has remained steady--Harper's love for her best friend. 
 When I feel saddened at the things we have experienced or the questions that are unanswered, I often look at Harper and realize that she sees none of what we do.  She only sees a sweet friend with whom she feels safe and playful.  She sees Mabel; the way Mabel should be seen by everyone.
They are inseperable; these two.  Drawn to one another by a force that none of us can recognize.  It's a divine relationship, I believe.

 They have shared a home.  They have shared food.  They have shared cups and binkies and diapers and life.  They have shared clothes, tears, toys, carseats, strollers, shoes and everything in between. 
And they share something incredible-a love that is deep and content.  A love that is powerful.
 "Mabel" was one of Harper's first words.  She carries around a baby doll that she named Mabel and rocks her to sleep.  She is kind and gentle with her Mabel girl.  And when Mabel needs help sitting, Harper helps prop her.  Already, at 14 months old...Harper's heart is one for those in need.  What a remarkable lesson to learn so early!  What a heart she gets to have!
 Mabel will catch Harper out of the corner of her eye.  And she'll smile.
 There are no boundaries.  No limits.  No judgements.  No preferences.  No looks of wonder.  No questions.  No sadness.  No fear.  No worry.  No doubt.  No notions.
Just love. 
Pure and Powerful.

And for this--for Harper and Mabel--I will always be grateful.  They are teaching me so much about how I want to be with our Lord...
and it's beautiful.

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