Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain Rain--be here to stay.

For those of you who don't live in, or near Illinois--It has been at least 97 degrees here every day this week.  The heat index has been 115.  It has been as bad as winter in our home.  Nothing to do.  Nowhere to go.  Cranky kids.
I mean, miserable.
  And I never thought I would say this, but as the clouds pour in across the sky this morning, I have never been more thankful. 
Bring on the rain.
...Because in my life, a little rain seems to bring a refreshing...
A renewal.
A refining.

Thank you Lord.
Let it rain today!


Firecracker said...

AMEN! The rain is our friend in central Illinois! Hallelujah for refreshment thank you Jesus!

Verena said...

Oh the weather....we have a different problem summer only rain. We both have two weeks off from work and the first week we only had RAIN..the whole day!!! But i think the heat is as annoying as the