Friday, August 12, 2011

all for you.

We're doing this all for you, Mabel.  The race, the awareness, the donations. 

We want people to see your face and know your name so that they understand that even the most beautiful baby may have a war raging inside of them at the cellular level.  We want people to understand that when we talk of you having multiple seizures, it is dangerous and even deadly.  We want them to know that each time you have a seizure, we worry for your life, praying it isn't going to take the one thing from us that gives us so much hope--your smile. 

We want people to see you and remember.  And to think about all of the other children who have rare disorders and diseases that most people have never even heard about.  We want them to know you, Mabel.  You have a mighty gift for such a little girl and we are determined to use it! 
The Lord gifted you and that is an honor. 
You have the ability to reach people for His kingdom in a unique way, love.  You don't have to witness with your mouth, you are doing it with your life.  Your life song is singing and it's remarkable.
We are doing all of this for you.
So that someday, you will be ABLE.
Able to do the things that we want for you, even if they look different than 'usual' or 'normal.' 
You weren't created that way and we're ok with that.  We understand now that God has a different perspective and purpose, and although none of us know why, we are learning to accept it and be ok with you as you are.  Because 'as you are' is incredible! 

Seriously, Mabes, you are the bravest girl.  You are so tired, yet you battle your way through therapy twice a week.  You even manage to smile up at both Beth's and I know that you have touched their lives.  Most of the time, you'll smile (and sometimes even giggle) through a seizure.  I can't explain that, other than I know the Lord has His hand upon you.  Last night your sister Nora asked me if there was more than one Jesus.  She wondered how only one Jesus could live in every one's heart.
I was ok with not knowing how to answer that question the right way--
because you've taught me that I don't know everything about the Lord and I don't need to.

You're teaching everyone a little something. 
You're teaching your daddy how to rise up. 
You're teaching me how to let go.
You're teaching strangers about a disease that is hidden.
You're teaching many many many people about Jesus.
You're teaching your sister and brother invaluable lessons about equality and compassion.
You're teaching Aunt Jeni about true love {and how you can only find it in the Lord.}
You're teaching Uncle Jake how to be gentle.
You're teaching us all how to pray [again].
Thankfulness, contentment, joy,  mercy, understanding. patience, long suffering, kindness, goodness.

This is all for you, Mabel.
Because what we are doing and will continue to do is the very least we can for what you have given to each of us. 
But I promise you that your name will be known and that people will begin to understand.  Not only about a disease and a life that is difficult, but about a little girl who is a gift from the Lord--perfect in every single way. I believe that the Lord is using this to show us how to get past our 'idea' of Him and get into the very essence of who He is.

I will worship Him for who He is and for the greatest gift He has given to me.
Not for what I think He should have done or should do.
Because He is the Lord.
Awesome in Power.
Tomorrow is your day, Mabel.
And it's all for you.

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Tiffany said...

Makes me sob. You are doing a wonderful thing. Praying over Mabel's day.