Monday, August 22, 2011


For a little girl who is always so tired, she is always equally as happy!
I count it as such a major blessing that she can be so content all of the time.  I have much to learn from Mabel, I know.

I didn't update but last week was a week of progress for Mabel! 
When we met with her dietitian, she gained 1/2 a pound!  It was pretty neat knowing that she finally gained something.  It's not much but it was enough to spark a little hope back into my spirit.  Her feeding therapist has also been introducing her to a small cup-just to let her feel it and get to know what it's like against her mouth.  She drank an ounce by attempting to use it which was incredible to me!

She is also starting to use her abs to lift her little neck and head off the carpet when she's on her back.  I realized it was because she has been using the ball alot in physical therapy and is doing this during that time!  It's so neat to see her carry over what she is doing in her sessions into her every day!
I signed Nora up for dance class last week.  She will be going to a combo class of jazz, tap and ballet once a week for an hour.  I'm so excited and she is pretty pumped herself!  She's feeling fancy for sure...
 This weekend was a little rough for us. 
Daddy works every other weekend so during those days that I have the kids indefinitely, it's what I like to call a nightmare challenge.
Braden got mad when he couldn't find his binky {yes, folks, he's going to be 4.}  So he called me a Sky Queen. 
That was random.  I still don't know where it came from.
And then after about the 32nd time coming out of his room at bedtime and me doing everything in my power to get him to stay, he slammed the door and said, "Whatever, you DUMB mommy!" 
We don't say dumb so at 11 pm he was disciplined accordingly.
And then they didn't sleep until 1 am.
That was insane.
But it's a new day.  It's a new week.
And I'm looking forward to great things!  Like, the kids' birthday party Saturday!
And Mabel feeling better {she's sick today}.
Prayers appreciated!!!!

The Lord reigns and I am thankful. 

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andrealeighshannon said...

I have to say Im glad to know that Silas isnt the only kid that gets out of bed 50 million times before he finally goes to sleep! He is even worse when Robert is gone on training. Its like they know Dad is gone and now its time to make Mommy crazy! :)