Saturday, August 13, 2011

Race Day!

Today we raised close to $3,000 for research!
 We hung yellow balloons that lined the streets on the entire route of our race..
 We wore our awareness buttons, greeted friends who came from all around...
 Got dressed in green and yellow...
 Joined together...
 rode in the back of the golf cart down in the middle of town...
 and clowned around...
 All in the name of Mabel and rare disease.
And I have never felt more loved, inspired or grateful.
This day was perfect. 
This was a beautiful day for a miracle, indeed.
Special thanks to ALL of you who came and who showed your support.  I know that some of you dropped off donations without staying to walk and that is amazing that you thought of us and cared enough to do that.  I'm humbled.  Thank you to those of you who traveled.  I appreciate you!

We serve a mighty and an awesome God and I know He is doing great things.
We let balloons go in the sky in honor of Mabel today in hopes that someone would find them, read the paper attached and find out about Mabel's story {and the God that we love.} 
Let's pray for something powerful to happen in their lives!!!

I cannot explain the amount of gratitude I feel right now and how thankful I am for our community and the friends that surround us.  When I spoke today and said I felt a little less alone, that was an understatement.  It was overwhelming and emotional times 1000000.
Your support means everything to me.

Today was an amazing day.  A day to remember.  It doesn't even feel real.
Enjoying this moment.  This day.  So thankful.

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The Kirby Fam said...

Hello. I didn't find another place to be able to message you so I thought I would leave a comment here. I'm going to try to make this brief. I just heard about your run from a co-worker of mine who read about it in the Clinton paper. Our oldest daughter had what was assumed to be mitochondrial disease. Anyway, I just thought we could touch base if you were interested. My email is Thanks - Leslie Kirby