Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 I slept until Noon.  [Thanks babe.]
I took a long walk with Rache in the dead of day.
I painted my fingernails.
All 3 of my kids slept at the same itme.  [First time in a year!]
Mabel had a really bad day...
We went to dinner with some new friends, Steve & Abrian.
I'm watching a movie with Daniel and the big kids are in bed.

Today...was a simple day.
[I needed that.]


my life: said...

You are lovely!
I've found you through the FB special needs group...your family is beautiful. :0)
I share many of your "loves"...wish exercise was one of those. ;0) This road can be tricky and winding...thankful for a "compass" and love that is never failing. We lived for nearly 3 years without a diagnosis...and NORD was all we had. I thought a diagnosis would be helpful...we got one, and if its super's not all that helpful. :) Again, thankful our hope rests in Him alone!
ANYWAY...wanted to say nice to meet you...and thanks for inspiring me to run! ;0)

Amy said...

Your angel Mable looks so sweet,peaceful & beautiful. Just like her Mommy & Daddy. Especially, your hearts. Stay strong.