Friday, August 5, 2011

weekend randoms.

Nora is posing.  And scratching her brother until he bleeds.  She is singing about Jesus and wearing red lipstick.  Her wound has healed and she is doing crafts. 
 Braden is sucking his binky and wearing bandannas with his dad.  He is disobeying and hitting Nora.  He is snuggling with Mabel and watching movies.  He is scared of almost everything and is talking in a raspy voice. 
 Mabel is doing therapy, not gaining any weight, going to appointments and tapping it out.  She is having crazy hair days and beautiful smiles.  She is sleeping alot and laughing when she is awake.  She got two new teeth this week and is working on thicker foods.  She is wearing spongebob jammies.
And all the while, life is carrying on around me while my mind wanders.  I am in a realm of my own and letting future thoughts consume me.  I feel like Mabel's body is betraying her in every possible way and will not rise up to give her a break.  I feel like the world does that to us sometimes, too.  I am looking forward to fall.  Spring didn't quite deliver like I thought it would and now summer has disappointed as well.
Hoping to come out of the fog soon and wake up happy...
yet again.

Feeling blessed.  Feeling overwhelmed.  Feeling scared.  Feeling loved.  Feeling sad.  Feeling funny.
Tired of feeling any of it.
Thankful for this life, these children, these friendships, this husband, this home, these mighty blessings, this Jesus.

Redheads fighting.
Mabel Crying.
Mommy going...


Tiffany said...

Oh, Rame. If only you knew how you were surrounded in prayer. Praying peace and joy over you. (Scotty gave my cell phone a bath in my mug of coffee this week. So I cannot text right now. :( Miss you.)

Amanda said...

I pray for you and your family daily. I pray that you can feel all the love that surrounds you and the prayers that are being lifted to the One that can be strong enough when we cannot.