Friday, August 19, 2011

While the facebook world exploded into "back to school' chaos this morning, I snuggled my boy close on the couch.  Nora stayed all night with Nanny after a fun evening of swimming in the creek with Uncle Jake.  Daniel and I went with them and it was like we had entered an enchanted land behind the pasture. 

I remember being a young girl and walking through those same tall weeds to get to an 'exotic island' of mucky creek, hoping for a great adventure.  We all hopped in the big truck and Uncle Jake drove through the bumpy pasture that led straight to the path he had planned for us.  I looked over at him and remembered why I am so thankful that we are country kids. 
 It's all so simple.  Uncluttered.  Free. 
Just an open world to roam, grow and learn. 

As I held Braden close this morning I reminded myself once again why it is that Daniel and I chose to homeschool our children.  Days like today are tough--I can't lie. 
I look at all of the photos of the children in their new clothes, anticipating their first day of school and it makes me question whether I'm making the right choice. 

But then I remember that this is the right choice--for our family. 
The Lord called me to this many years ago.  It was the desire of my heart, even as a teenager, to stay at home and raise my kids and also to home school them.  I knew that I would marry Daniel when he took my hand on a car ride one night when we were 17 and asked me if "when we got married, I would teach our children at home?" 
I knew that God had given me my husband because his desire lined up with mine. 

It's not for everyone and I understand that.  I have heard a few misconceptions lately about homeschooling that are bothersome to me. 
For instance, "You have to be so patient and so organized to home school."
Well, I just disagree.  I think we are all already teaching our children at home.  I don't have to switch into super patient mother when I wake up in the morning, walk into my homemade classroom and be patient and organized and perfect in order for my children to get a great education or to learn from me.  Not every teacher in the public school system or even in the private schools in our country are always patient or perfectly organized. 
 It's just not true.

In fact, what I love about it is this:  I can wake up late, snuggle with my kids, do school in our PJ's, or at the zoo or in the front yard or anywhere... take a break, get lunch, run errands, come back to schooling, eat dinner, play some more and finish schooling in the evening if that's what I so choose to do. 

Or I can have a structured schedule for one and a more laid back schedule for the other; to fit their individual needs and learning styles.  It's what will work for my children that matters.  And am I confident that it works?  Absolutely.
When I look at Jake and see the young man that he is, I am confident that it works. 
When I see many of the young girls from our town excelling not only academically but socially, I am confident that it works. 

I am also confident that, if at any time, it no longer works for all of our children or our family, we will do something different.  I am not ashamed of that.  But I also won't worry about it because for now--this works for us. 

I am also reminded on days like today that my little boy will only be little for a time.  I want to cherish these moments with him and shepard him to be a lover of God.  Their hearts are more precious to me than a traditional first day of school.  Our first day is special as well and I want them to see it as such.  It may be different, but it is special.

So although this is vague and I have posted more in depth about homeschooling on several occasions, I just wanted to express a brief reminder to myself why I chose this route for our family...

-So that I could teach the children about God openly and frequently with scripture and any other method that we choose.

-So that they can learn individually with whatever method works for them.

-So that we can live a more hands-on approach to schooling.  Field trips, and recess will be built into our everyday lives. 

-Because God called us for this.
Our school year starts in 3 weeks and I can't wait to see what it has in store for us!


Amy said...

Ramee, as a fellow homeschooling Mom, you hit this post right on the head. I love reading about what inspires us to homeschool our children. I too have heard many ignorant opposition to homeschooling. But all I can say is "sit back & relax. Your going to enjoy this ride" Keep on keeping on. Keep Our Father alive in your heart (which I know you do) I am so proud of you for taking on all that you do. You are the true meaning of the word "Mom".

Heather said...

You will never regret homeschooling. We enjoyed it for two years, but due to a learning disability that I am not equipped to manage have returned back to the public school setting. However, we plan to return back to educating our children at home once my oldest has established a fluency in reading/writing. We know for sure that we do not want our children to attend Jr High or High School for many reasons. You will enjoy it so much. It's such a blessing to watch them learn and grow, just ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

brandy said...

I needed this today! Especially when I doubt myself and my own abilities... I feel so scatter brained lately with our recent move.. yet I feel so unable to yet I know what I need to do.. and what God has called us personally too for our family also! Thank you for reminding me again.. it's what I needed to hear!