Friday, September 9, 2011

decor and more.

Decorating for fall with the windows spread wide has been therapeutic for me.
 In a magazine not long ago, I found three pages that were similar that I loved.  I ripped them out and tucked them away for safe keeping.  And then I knew I had to use them on the wall above and just as soon as I pur them up, I felt insane happiness.
They say, "Eat well," "Live well," "Be well."
 I also splurged a little bit at Country Junction this week and did so with not alot of guilt.  I made some extra money on photos before I decided to take a break so I put it to good use with this sign that made me stand in the middle of the store and sob. 
It was attractive.

Remember when I talked about the roller coaster ride of this journey? 
Also fitting.  And perfect.  And wonderful.

I pulled out my black outdoor trees and strung them with orange lights.  I dug out my old colored bottles and threw some fall flowers inside.  That pretty much makes my mantle the most cozy place in our home right now. 
It's darling. 

 Faces of fall are everywhere.  In the house, in the breeze, in the way that I feel.  It's a repetition of years past and for me, it brings goodness, wonder and delight. 
Unlike most--I anticipate the first snow and cold of the year and I celebrate it with a rockin hoody and a new short hair cut {that I hope grows quickly...} 
 Life is scattered about in our home. 
I don't mind scattered.  In fact, like everything else I'm learning to embrace it.
 Thanks to Becky being a thoughtful friend, I purchased a new book.  It's by Angie Smith and it's all about What Women Fear.  I'm anxious to dive in and dig deeper into God and hopefully be challenged by her writing.  She is pretty amazing.
Tonight is our first 'party' of the season and I cannot be more excited. 
Photos to follow.  Good weekend, friends!

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