Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Walk

Yesterday was a great day.  A favorite day of mine.
I took all three kids on a 'fall walk' for their school work today.
And what was so remarkable was just the silence and their voices.  Listening to them; and doing so very intentionally.  I watched as they walked.  Listened as they talked.  Adored as they found anything and everything 'fall.'
Kids are very wise.  They have an intuition that is great.  They talk about Jesus and love the earth.  They are kind to people and inquisitive about life.
I learn alot from these kids.  Mostly they make me laugh, but today they made me smile.  I just enjoyed their littleness today. 
[the picture on the right was completely random.  I ♥ how Mabel is smiling.]

The kids were really proud of their skills and it's in moments like this--on the perfect fall day--where I am thankful they are here with and I am able to teach them.  I will never take that for granted.
Not ever.

Both saw yellow flowers (mommy's favorite color) and wanted to show me that it was the last sign of summer.  We talked about the seasons and they seem to understand that fall leads to winter--a time of rest and cold.  Even the earth nestles in tight for a slumber that is deep and long.
I didn't slumber today.  No, No.  I was awake and thankful to be in this moment with these kids.  There are hard days and there are good ones.
And then there are favorite ones.

Today was my favorite day.
For so many, many reasons.  But mostly because God is good.  He is faithful.  His love endures forever.  He is worthy and holy and unchanging. 
How do I know it to be true?
Because I have three gifts that I don't deserve and they all know the name of Jesus. 
[And they believe]
because kids are smart, remember?
Intuitive, wise, smart.

Thank you Lord for yesterday.  My favorite day. 
I won't ever forget.

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