Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First day.

Yesterday was a day of firsts!
Nora had her very first dance class.  A combo class made up of jazz, tap and ballet.
 She was so excited and "not shy."  She was also "not wild" supposedly.  I was just so proud that she went into class with such confidence and excitement.  She amazes me and it makes me really thankful that she has opportunities to grow and learn in new ways! 
 After dance class we came home and started the first day night of school.  I love the freedom we have with homeschooling to do our lesson whenever we can fit it in.  With Mabel's appointments and therapies, it often may be in the evening but the redheads didn't seem to mind.  In fact, they did great and loved it.
 What I love about Nora's curriculum, "My father's world" is that for the first 10 days we are solely focusing on Scripture and how God made the world.  This year we will also do a whole section based on 'what happened to the dinosaurs' from a biblical standpoint.  I love it!  It's interesting and I'm sure that even I will learn things as we go.
 Braden is only doing the first 10 days with us as we talk about Creation and then he and I will be doing his schooling at a different time of the day than Nora.  Usually it will be early morning, as this is when he faithfully wakes me up.  Eventually, maybe they will be at the same place fundamentally and we will be able to piece together a plan that would work for both of them.  For now, he is still right at a pre-school level and Nora is soaring ahead to more of a 1st grade pace. 
 I love watching them learn because they each do so very differently. 
Braden gets very irritable with worksheets or using his fine motor skills.  He needs to be doing something more hands on in a not-so-structured way.  This is not to say that he will not have to write and cut, but at least I know the best way that he will learn and I will be able to teach him effectively.
 Nora, on the other hand, is a wonder woman when it comes to drawing, worksheets, paper, markers, glue, pens, etc.  She will probably enjoying writing and drawing more than I even realize.  She is quick with it and could do it for hours.  I know she will grow in leaps and bounds this year.
She asked tonight if God had a mustache because Nanny has a picture of Jesus and he does! 
I said yes, honey, I'm sure he does. 
Our first day is over.  It was easy and fun.
We prayed before we began and we prayed when we were through.  I would tell anyone who asked that those are the most important moments in this process.  The moments when I am able to teach my children that the Lord will direct our wisdom.  The Lord will give us knowledge. 
And I pray that He does direct each and everything we do this school year.  And I know He will bless it!

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