Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gi update

I called the GI specialist today because we had not gotten the results from her impedance probe that we had done a few weeks ago.  Basically after talking with the nurse, she made it clear that our Dr's recommendation was to go ahead with a g tube. 

In a 24 hour period, Mabel had 25 episodes of coughing and choking.  I felt like the probe was inaccurate as far as her vomiting goes because she does throw up almost daily and did not during the test.  However, with all of the choking going on, it's just very clear that we have to do something different. 

I will be making some calls to see if we can possibly have her muscle biopsy done if/when we decide to have the g tube surgery as to avoid having to put her under anesthesia more than once. 

For today, I feel good knowing that we have a great team of doctors who are pursuing what is best for Mabel.  However, they have been wonderful with letting us step up and make the choices we want for our girl.  So we are praying and will be getting some answers soon.  Please continue to pray with us.
Today we took the kids to McDonalds to play.  Nora was pretending to work at the drive thru.  She said to the little boy, "Hi.  Please try one of our frozen strawberry lemonades today."  I think we may be hitting up mickey D's one too many times a day.
We finished day 8 of school today and it feels so good to have such a structured routine!  The kids are doing great and learning alot.  So far, we have focused solely on creation and starting tomorrow we incorporate a lot of math into that aspect.  Next week we start Nora's first actual lesson and Braden's lessons will begin as well.
Last night Braden called me an idian.  I believe this was supposed to mean 'idiot.'  However, today he told Aunt Rachel that he isn't going to say Loser or Idian anymore. 
Good to know.
Nora asked who I thought was her great great grandpa.  And then she proceeded to tell me Buck Rider.
aka Buck Carter [pawpy.]
Gearing up for Apple N' Pork this weekend!  Rache will be there on S. Center street for those of you interested in buying beautiful bows!!!  Hope to see you there...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ramee! We will be on Center St also for the Apple and Pork with the church!
Can't wait!