Monday, September 19, 2011

Mito Week!!!

In case you haven't heard (which I'm sure you have if you know me at all...even a little)--
It's mito awareness week! 
And in honor of Mabel [with no confirmed diagnosis of mito, only suspicions] and other children who have been confirmed to have mito, we are hoping to continue our great pattern of raising awareness and funds!
Mabel's Able will be having an online auction on October 1st in hopes to raise money to donate to our local Early Intervention Program!
Early Intervention is an amazing program.  They provide great services through therapists, toys and equipment for children with special needs.  The therapists come into our home up to 4 times a week between all of Mabel's services.  We recently started vision therapy and were blessed with some pretty neat things to help increase Mabel's vision.  This is a wingbo swing and she does great on it, learning to be on her tummy and steady herself enough to see...It's incredible!
 The therapists, who have become wonderful friends, are amazing with Mabel.  She has learned, grown and changed so much in her months of doing weekly therapy.  They provide us with great ideas and tools to help her reach her full potential.  Above all else, though, they have given me so much hope through this dark and hard time. 
So if you have a craft or if you are a consultant of any product and would like to donate an item, a service or a gift certificate to go into the auction please email Rachel at as she is heading this event up for our Mabel's Able team. 

We are so proud of what we have already accomplished this year in way of raising money to give back and we want to continue raising awareness more than anything else.  Please join our efforts and provide any ideas you may have for future events!!! 
Thanks in advance.

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