Thursday, September 8, 2011


Letting go of the old & Welcoming in the new.

Making changes & embracing them.
 Anticipation and Excitement.
Planning and Preparing. 
 I've been spending the last few days getting myself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally prepared for the school year.  Nora's curricula came today and I enjoyed going through it and organizing it for myself a bit.  I think that this year is going to produce awesome fruit in the redheads.  I am anxious to see how they learn and grow. 

And myself too. 
I'm anxious to see how I grow during this time of quiet.  Already I feel a relief and a sense of calm.  I am thankful for the direction of God and the nudging to just be still.

Still thinking of a theme for our back to school dinner on Sunday!
We have a Gourmet Cupboard party here tomorrow night, pumpkin patch and fall festival on Saturday and a busy week ahead. 
Fall is in full swing and my heart is widening. 

I am re-learning Grace. 
&& I am more thankful [than ever before] to know the grace giver.

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