Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Day!

The kids had been waiting and waiting to take our annual 'first trip to the pumpkin patch.'  Daniel has been working alot and I couldn't make them wait anymore.  So on Saturday, Rache and I packed the van full of the wildest kids around and headed east.  About 10 miles.
 This was a good day.  A special day.  Our children have grown so much in the last year and changed in such huge ways. 
Even more than our children, it is in our long drives that I realize we, too, have changed so drastically.
 This was a day that I won't soon forget.  The redheads ran free and I took it all in, breathing the life that is so remarkable.  I watched Harper's body toddle and I smelled Mabel's neck as I held her close.  I chose joy. 
 As always, we ventured through the corn maze.  Rache has never been in a corn field so we especially enjoyed this 'first.' 
Something new.  Never touched.  Not tainted. 
Something refreshing for our souls.
 I watched innocent kids explore their way through a maze and it reminded me of what we must look like to the Lord.  Only He knows the way through...
And I thought back to the first year we took Braden to the pumpkin patch.  He was 10 days old and I pulled him in a wagon through the field. 
Now he's big.  And I adore him.
I quickly caught a photo of all of my kids while Nora and Braden would sit still and Mabel would sit without falling forward.  But then something incredible happened that will be etched in my mind for all the days of my life.
Mabel didn't fall....
And she didn't fall....
And she didn't fall...
Right there in the middle of the pumpkin patch--the place that brings me the most contentment, ease and joy--Mabel sat in a way that she never has before.  And she smiled.  And she sat.
The kids ran busily around us but Rache and I sat close and knowingly took in this moment that was beautiful and lasting. 

I would have loved for Daniel to have been with me to see this moment but I have no doubt that this was something I was supposed to watch with Rachel.  There was a specific night not long ago, when the world was quiet and my thoughts were very loud.  I asked Rache if she thought Mabel would ever sit up.  She said yes but that she thought it would be a long time.  It has been a long time coming and although she still did eventually get tired and fall over, she did it and she did it beautifully!!!

This day was perfect for me.  It brings tears to my eyes to think back at how awesome it was to feel the breeze and watch the kids.  I enjoyed every second of the entire hour we were there and I am so thankful!  I'll never forget how happy I felt this day.
Our pumpkin patch day.


Verena said...

Oh Ramee....that are such wonderful news that Mabel can sit on her own..i am so proud of her!!!And of you..like always..bc you are my super-hero-mom and i am really looking up to you!!!

Amanda said...

Praise God!