Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things that make me really proud:
1.  Watching Nora read through an entire book by herself.  Watching her learn to sound out words that she doesn't know and answering as she asks such deep questions.
2.  Having Nora randomly sing to me a song that she learned in Sunday school about Jesus. 

3.  Seeing Braden learn to hold his pencil correctly.  Practicing with him and then watching him do it on his own is so fulfilling for me!
4.  Watching him learn to write his letter 'S' not only in salt, but on paper!!!
5.  Listening to my the kids pray.
6.  Hearing Braden tell me that 'he doesn't like to be in trouble...' and knowing that he will try harder next time.
7.  Meaningful relationships with just about everyone in my life.
8.  Harper learning a new word every. single. day.  And the new thing she's doing with her eyelids when she looks at me [amazing!]
Things that aren't quite as exciting to me:
1.  Braden pooping his pants.  On purpose.
2.  Hearing him say 'Loser.'
3.  Mabel crying all day long.
4.  Another seizure med increase.
5.  Rainy days.

6.  Not hearing from our surgeon yet.
Today was basic and boring.  But Nora and I had a breakthrough in schooling today.  She cried because she didn't want to 'trace' the way I instructed her too.  As she cried, I made her stand up from the table and step away.  I assured her that I was teaching her at home so that school work and learning would not be frustrating and upsetting.  I want it to be enjoyable and relaxing.  I encouraged her to take a break from it until she felt like doing it the way that I instructed.  She hugged me and eventually went back to finish the worksheet.  Things are going so well and Braden is even staying right with us in Nora's Kindergarten curriculum!  He's doing great!!!

Mabel has had a really hard day and is still crying screaming now.  She's also coughing which I assume will lead to her throwing up her meds. 
Awesome end to this day.
Here's hoping for some sleep and a better day tomorrow...


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Verena said...

You have amazing kids Ramee and i love the way you raise them.
Did you tried to put Mabel in a swing when she cries? Maybe she has some problems with her body perception and needs some input.