Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daniel said that Mabel had a rough night.  Alot of vomiting and a high fever.  She is still irritable this morning.
The Dr. came in and spoke with me saying that it looks like she may have a UTI.  That would explain all of her symptoms along with some of the painful cries she has been having. 

As we tried to cath her to get a confirmation, the nurses had a very hard time noting that her 'anatomy' looked different; running side to side instead of up and down.
She has never been cathed before and has not been looked at closely in this area.
With Mabel, every little thing could mean something so this may or may not be significant. 

For now, she is resting well.  She is getting Zofran as needed in her IV for her nausea and she will start the IV antibiotics soon. 
We will be staying at least another night. 
Thanks for your prayers.  I'll continue to update as often as possible!!!


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Praying very hard for Miss Mabel!! Thank you for the continued updates Ramee!

Amanda said...

Praying for comfort for Miss Mabel!