Saturday, October 22, 2011

day 1-post op.

I had to sleep in a separate room last night because Mabel fell asleep for daddy (laying right next to her).  It was ok.  I rested until about 2 and then woke up with a horrible belly ache.  After I puked, I went back to sleep until 7 am and all was well. 

Daniel said that Mabel woke up at about 3 for an hour.  After another dose of morphine she went back to sleep.  I can't lie--I'm pretty nervous about pain control if we go home.  Although, I'm so ready to be out of here. 

It's official:  Our girl can be tube fed!
I gave her meds through her tube last night and honestly could have cried.  That was that.  It was so easy and quick and her seizure meds were securely in her tummy.  {sigh}.
She was given pedialite for the first couple of hours and now she is slowly getting formula.  Today she will start with her supplemental feeds so that she can still eat by mouth as well. 
So far, so good with everything they have done.

I got a shower and put some make-up on.  Trying to help myself feel refreshed.  I'm exhausted and am sure that's not going away anytime soon. 
After Mabel's surgery, my headache was immediately gone.  I don't know if I just focused so much on her that I forgot about it but even today it's much better.

Daniel seems tired.  He hasn't said much but has been taking care of his girl like a champ.  He adores her and he adores me.  He really has been wonderful through everything.

For now the room is quiet.  I'll update again later.

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