Tuesday, October 11, 2011

farmhouse dreams.

Our girl is tired but she is feeling much better.  One thing I have learned this week?  Just how long it is going to take her to recover from a simple sickness.  It's been over a week and she's just now smiling and acting like herself.  It's amazing how hard it is for her to bounce back. 
 Although, I haven't quite bounced back myself.  My stomach still feels like I have some sort of bug.  It's been no fun around here the last week but I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things today.  The kids and I will be studying the letter 'M' and the moon this week. 

Braden was the last to get sick, last night.  He never did throw up like the rest of us though but he sure is the most whiny when it comes time to feeling bad.  It's pretty typical of him to lay around and cry for hours.  Lately he has been coming up with all kinds of names to call me when he's mad.  They don't make sense which makes it pretty funny.
You skittletwig! 
 So because of Mabel's upcoming g-tube surgery, we won't be having our annual Halloween party.  It seems so silly but this is hard for me.  It's just another thing that is different; to remind me how changed our life really is.  The things we used to do, people we used to be around, places we would go all the way down to the things we think about say are all different and new.  It's hard and even though it's just this year--this one party, I grieve the loss of those familiar things. 
We will still be taking the kids trick-or-treating, though.  They've all got costumes and are ready to go.  This is our favorite time of year by far!  Last year by halloween it was cold.  So cold that we couldn't stay out very long at all.  But unless something drastically changes we may be going door to door in our tank tops and shorts.  Yes, yes.  It's still Indian Summer here in central Illinois. 

What is not blah is the beautiful farmhouse I spotted for sale online this morning. 
It will sound like I'm making it up when I tell you that I had a dream of me in this exact house a couple of weeks ago. 
I wish I may, I wish I might...

Back to therapy and appointments this week.  At least some of my 'new' is becoming normal.
Thanking God for just being Him today...
and thankful for the knowing that His will, above all else, is perfect.

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~Ariane~ said...

I found your blog via Dan's facebook. Mitch said I should let you know i'm reading it. I find your words heartbreaking and also encouraging and uplifting. I'm glad to know Mitch works with a guy like Dan. You two seem like great people! Thanks for sharing your story. I envy your persisting faith! God bless you and your family!!