Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Phone Photo Dump.

I recently have felt the deep desire to simplify our lives of things.  Everything feels so trivial and unnecessary lately.  I told Rache just the other day how nice it would be to sell my big camera and just carry a point and shoot with me wherever we go.  She quickly reminded me that it was a stupid idea.  I have a great camera.

But often times, I am SO thankful for this day of technology because wherever I am, my phone is also.  And I just so happen to catch some of the cutest moments when I least expect it...
 Thanks, Dinah for sending this to Jeni.  It basically sums it up for me:)
 Nora and I went into to one of my favorite stores in the mall and she found this giant foot chair.  Literally.  She loved that she could sit on it.
 This picture reminds me of a year ago when Mabel was just a newborn swaddled on my chest with her beautiful dark head of hair.
 Not much has changed.
 This is where daddy cuts brother's hair.  Mohawk!
 Do you see the new teeth trend?
 That's Nora on the bar in ballet.
 Another day; another doctor.
 First day in the hospital last week. 
Have a good weekend, friends. 
We have my cousin's wedding tomorrow and that's about it.  This is our last weekend before surgery so we're trying to take it easy. 

What are your plans?

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