Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 25.

You looked beautiful on your day.  Beautiful in a happy, victorious, courageous, spectacular kind of way.  You have a freedom that is electrifying and it fits you well like the softest, most alluring sweater. 

I hope that you felt as loved as you are.  You came in and rocked our lives in the sweetest way.  I am so thankful to have spent this day with you. 

Twenty five is a good year.  It's a young-mom, energetic kind of year.  It's a year for love, laughter and chocolate.  New beginnings, forgiveness and slammin hats.  It's a year for red lipstick and colored leggings.  This is a year of small town adventure, like toilet papering for the first time.
I'm going to make 25 the best of your life--you just wait and see.

Yesterday I hope you decided to stop and look ahead.  We can finally let go of this past year and venture forward; together.  We can just breathe and know that it's in the hands of God.  We made good choices, did our best and we survived.  And now, we should feel good about that. 

I hope you know that everything that went on this year was enriched by you being here with me.  I have never been more intertwined with someone like I have you this year, but it has been amazing.  And even that isn't accurate. 

No one gets the opportunity to spend every day with the person that they laugh most with.  No one gets to dance crazily, yell loudly and cry ferociously like the way we have this year with the person that understands the most.  It's a gift and I am so glad we decided to open it and embrace it.

So now, friend, I know you will live this year of 25 in a massive way.  It's just how you do life.  I am just blessed that it's how I do life as well so I don't have to miss a beat. 
I'll be right there with you. 

What a life we live! 
Thank you Jesus.


Tiffany said...

You ladies make me cry! Happy, happy birthday!! Preserve this friendship, fight for it. It is a gift.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl...hold tight to Tiffany said fight for it.
There are times I miss my old best friend that I had from I was in K-26...but God also has people in our lives for a reason, season, or a can tell you are lifetime soulmates! God Bless you and yours! Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

Hi Love your blog and what cute redheads you have. Sent by Anjie Orlowski