Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home-Day 3

We made it home this morning.  Mabel is currently swinging in her swing doing her nightly scream. 
She seems to be in pain but we're hoping it's just her teeth and not something we missed. 
Official diagnosis:  Fever with no known origin. 
The first of many we may encounter if we get a positive mito diagnosis.  It is fairly common. 

She did eat today and even kept her night meds down this evening. 
However, I came home and began throwing up as well.  I am feeling better tonight but it was an awful day.  I miss the kids and just want to get 'back to normal.'

Thanks for your prayers.  I appreciate them so much and can never thank you enough for loving us.  I'll continue to update and hopefully get back to normal blogging soon! 

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