Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh what a year can do.

Last year we had a princess butterfly, a bumble bee, a lady bug and buz lightyear.
 This year we will have spiderman, a giraffe (not in costume), snow white and a spider.
 Last year, Bubby had a binky.  This year he still has a binky (only he's holding it in the bottom photo and not sucking it.)  Last year, Nora looked so little.  This year she looks so big.  Last year, although Mabel was small and weak, we really had no idea that something was going on with her.  She didn't look at us, was distant, was so very tired and weak but we had not started our journey yet.  Last year, this photo of my children made my heart swell with such intense pride.
 There were many nights in this house over the past year where Rachel and I talked about things that are very personal and private.  On many occasions we would discuss how difficult it might start to be when Mabel started to look older and get bigger, but would not be doing anything more than she once was doing.  Last year she was prop-sitting.  This year she is still prop sitting.  Granted, she is stronger but not by much.  She will get there, but we just aren't quite there yet.  This photo of my three kids still makes my heart swell.  I can't believe what a year has done in all of us...
Our Halloween weekend looks pretty full.  Trick or treating a few times before the actual day, and a festival at church.  We are gonna get some wear out of these costumes!

This is the weekend that we have always had our Halloween party.  I'm sad that we aren't doing it but know that it would have been to much work and probably not safe for Mabel to be around so many people at one time.  She has a follow up appointment on Tuesday so we'll see then how things look and what we can do.  In the meantime, thanks (as always) for your continued prayers and encouragement.  I appreciate your love more than you know.

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