Friday, October 21, 2011

successful surgery!

Mabel is out of surgery.  It took a little over an hour and a half.  I slept for awhile because of my headache and woke up with extreme anxiety which led to a full out panic attack.  I cried and eventually got myself calmed down.  Minutes later the surgeon came in and said that all went perfectly.

Mabel was very upset when we saw her in recovery but she has a tube in her nose draining her stomach and I know it's aggravating her.  She isn't in pain right now as they are giving her high doses of pain meds.  She looks great.

Currently she is sleeping on daddy and resting well. 
I slept 30 minutes last night and the 2 hours up here this morning. 
Hoping for some rest tonight but if not, they are talking as if we will go home tomorrow.

So thankful that this is finally over.  I'll be posting updates and photos later. 
Thank you [more than anything] for your prayers and kind words.  You're truly pulling me through and I am overwhelmed by your love and support...


Anonymous said...


God gave me confirmation earlier duing work as I posted on your Facebook about Mabel. I just knew that He had her (and continues to have her) in the palm of His almighty hand! The great physician is He!
Hallelujah! Praise God! Thank you Jesus for your great blessings almight father...prince of such great peace..wisdom and honor...

Continue Lord to be with Mabel's mommy and daddy now in the coming days as they pray faithfully and watch over their little miracle. That beautiful little light in this world that shines so bright!


Heidi said...

GREAT! I just knew she would handle it well. It was a pretty simple procedure for Jack. He had it done in radiology, came out with a perfect little button without any other incisions :) Of course he hated the tube stuffed in his nose too. Praying she continues to heal and tolerate her feeds well so you can go home, hugs and always prayers
Heidi & Jack