Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today was a good day.  Rainy, cool and lethargic.  I was so lazy and stayed in my pj's until after my long, drooling nap.  I only woke up to go to a huge rummage sale at a local church.
And it was worth it.
I'm getting pretty nervous about Mabel's upcoming surgery.  It will be on the 21st (a week from tomorrow) only we aren't sure of a time yet.  I am anxious for the procedure to be over with.  I know it is necessary and the best choice for Mabel's care.  But the surgery itself is scary especially with a special needs child.  She seems so fragile and is so tired anyway.  Let alone being put under anesthesia and having the muscle biopsy as well.  I don't want her to be in pain.  It's sad for me to think that we're at this place but again, I know it's best.  And I know how resilient and strong kids can be.  She may really surprise us, which is my hope.

Coming up in November, Rache and I will be setting up tables at the Christmas Open Market at the Clinton Assembly of God church.  Only we will be setting up at two different tables.  Rache will be there selling bows for 'Harper's Halos' and I'll be at a "Mabel's Able" table.  I hope to gather information, photos and spread awareness.  I'll post more details as the time gets closer.

Remember that farm house I mentioned a couple of days ago?  The one that is my dream home?
Daniel & I are going to look at it.  Can't hurt to look, right? 

Mabel's doing her night cry.  Nora's cuddled tightly in her place in my bed.  Braden's asleep with his binky and blanky and I'm excited to fall back into my laziness as I head to bed for the night leaving daddy with a crying, teething Mabes. 

My hair color changed again tonight.  It's a deep shade of vibrant red. 
It's that time again.

Tomorrow I'm going to be dumping my cell phone photos from the week on my blog. 
See you then...

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Heidi said...

Im trying to get caught up with your family. So glad to see M is home, love this picture of you two. My babies lived in my sling! I miss those days.

Praying the upcoming surgery goes smoothly for Mabel, anesthesia is always a worry for us moms (read my latest post from today, not good!) But Jack is fine tonight, thats all that matters.

OH, BTW, I guess Im "one of those Moms" too. Medical, medical, medical... But I try to throw in a fun and "normal" life event once in awhile!

Thinking about you tonight, and all your little reds :) praying for M always.