Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We are currently admitted to the pediatric unit of our local hospital.  Mabel started vomiting yesterday at around 3 pm and hadn't stopped.  She puked up her nightly meds and this morning's dose as well.  By today she was crying in total irritability and she was pretty dehydrated. 
I called the Dr. on call who saw her this afternoon and admitted her almost immediately. 
As of now, her labs look good!  We are thankful!!! 
Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for our girl and our entire family. 

Something like this can really take a toll on Mabel.  To say that she is sleeping is an understatement but when she does wake she is completely frustrated and has a maddening scream. 

I'm hangin in there.  Feeling sad and worried but definitely in care-taker mode.  Amazing how I can flip the switch so quickly in order to better care for Mabel. 
My facebook account got hacked so I cannot log in.  For updates of Mabel, please check here. 

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Unknown said...

Thinking of you guys Ramee.